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Types of Roofs Chino Hills

this image shows types of roofs chino hills roofing

If you are thinking of a new roof for your home, you will need to familiarize yourself with the different types of roofs in Chino Hills.  This will help you make the right choice for your home. Here are some of the common roof types.

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Mono-pitched Roof

These are also referred to as shed roofs, skillion roofs, lean-to-roof, and shed roofs. They have a major difference from the normal gabled roof in their construction and shape. While the roof is pitched in two different directions, the mono-pitch will slant in a single direction.

Flat Roof

As compared to other types of roofs that are often slanting, the flat roof is almost slanting.  These are ancient roofs that are commonly used in arid weather.

Mansard Roof

This is a type of roof that has 4 sloping sides, with each of these sides becoming steeper in the half.

Jerkin Head Roof

This is similar to the gable roof but it has a gable end that is clipped off to look like a hip roof.  This roof has an advantage in that its clipping is level with the gable roof’s peak. This would otherwise be put under pressure during storms.

Hip Roof

This is a type of roof that has all sides sloping downwards towards the wall with a gentle slope

Saw-tooth Roof

This consists of various ridges with double pitches on both sides face away from the equator to protect workers from the sunlight. It is a great choice for allowing natural light to get into a building.

Gambrel Roof

This kind of roof is asymmetrically two-sided and has two slopes on each side. Its upper slope is placed at a shallow angle but the lower slope is often steeper.


This is a roof structure that contains windows that project in a vertical way beyond a pitched roof’s plane.

No matter the kind of roof you need, you should choose a reputable roofing contractor.

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