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Chino Hills Cedar Shake Roof

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Depending on your preferred style, a cedar shake roof can provide you with a tailored or rustic look on the exterior of your home. With a different range of tones such as red, brown, and gold, cedar is a roofing material that is naturally beautiful. It also provides long-lasting benefits. It can be used on residential or commercial properties in the form of roof shingles, hip, and ridge or shake.

Chino Hills cedar shake roof is a top-quality roof.

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Here are some good reasons why you should consider a wood shake roof for your next project.

Cedar Shake Roof Offers Dimensional Stability

When used in humid conditions, the cedar roof rarely shrinks. It will remain flat as it lies flat.

Resistant To Different Weather Elements

Natural preservatives are used to strengthen wood shake enabling it to resist UV rays, moisture, and damage by insects. The material can easily adapt to difficult and different climatic conditions making it less susceptible to moss growth as compared to other roofing materials. It can be treated in the factory to resist fire and fungus. It can be supplemented to be more insect and moss resistant.


Cedar roof can provide long and lightweight timber with fine and straight graining patterns and uniform texture. It is these characteristics that ensure it is easy to saw, cut, and nail. To add to the convenience, it is possible to pre-assemble the hip and ridge units prior to their shipping. It also provides a finishing touch to your home construction project.

A wide range of finishes can also work with cedar roofing. These include stains, solid coating, fine oils, and paints. This is usually done in mills where these finishes and stains are applied.


Considered to be one of the toughest wood, cedar is a material that is naturally-durable. It is a great investment for the home as it also increases your roof’s structural strength. This is one of the reasons why the material is popular with commercial roofing contractors.


Cedar also works as a natural insulator to allow cooler temperatures during hot months and warmth during cold months. This means it is a great choice for saving money on your heating and air conditioning needs.

Enhance Your Architecture

On top of its practicality, cedar roofing can provide a natural and timeless appearance that can beautify the curb look of your property. Despite the fact that cedar shingles provide a smooth look; it can also provide a rustic and roughly-hewn look. When it comes to lasting beauty, cedar ages to a unique looking silver-gray appearance.

With these characteristics of cedar shakes and shingles, you can see why it provides a visually beautiful and practical roofing material. It is the perfect addition to residential roofing projects. Whether you want to do a roof installation or roof repair, you should consider using this material.

Your first step towards having a good cedar shake roof is to seek a qualified roofer near me.

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