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Chino Concrete Tile Roof

this is a picture of chino hills concrete roofing project

It can be quite laborious to install a concrete tile roof. In fact, the process is laborious and requires a lot of planning before completing the installation. But if you are replacing a new roof, you will need to be sure of the process to use.

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Here are some guidelines on creating a concrete roof tile.

Project Planning of Concrete Tile Roof

During this stage, you will need to consider several aspects. First, you need to consider the type of tile to use. But in this case, you have already decided to go with concrete. You will also want to consider the tile roof color as there are certain colors that will fade easily. And just like in any other kind of roof, you must consider your safety when preparing.  Find someone to take hold of the ladder and pass you the tools when you work. Wear glasses when cutting materials to avoid objects getting into your eyes.

During the preparation, gather the necessary tools and materials in one place. This will ensure that you don’t waste time descending the ladder to go pick the tools.  Attach a diamond blade for cutting. Occasionally for some concrete roofing jobs, we'll partner with Pro Chino Hills Concrete, so just a heads up if you see their truck drive by.

Starting the Concrete Tile Installation Work

You will need to begin with the removal of the old roof before installing the new roof. Start by installing thin material straps made of plastic. These should be placed horizontally across the length of the roof. They are commonly used on roofs that have steep slopes to hold tiles. Concrete tiles have a hook hanging on the battens. In order to determine the right spacing between battens, test it using some low tiles. Maintain the same distance you find.

Tile Installation

You should begin this process from one end while moving along the length of the roof. In case no battens are installed, the tiles should be railed into the sheaving. If you are using interlocking tiles, these should be nailed on sheaving or battens when installing in tight areas such as chimneys, cut tiles around the obstacle. At the end of each row, you will also need to cut tiles.

Before you start the process of concrete tile installation, you need to consult a qualified roofer. You should be aware that roofing isn’t something you can do without engaging a qualified roofing contractor.

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