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Chino Hills Single Ply Roofing

this image shows single roofing

With single-ply roofing, you can have a wide range of materials to choose from. One of their characteristics is that you can install them in one layer. They also offer a lot of flexibility and can withstand UV radiation.

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How to Install Single-ply Roofing

How the single ply roofing is installed depend on a particular structure or building. One of the best places you can install them is on a ballasted roof. But if the roof’s slope is more than 1” in 6”, the method may not work well.

A wood or steel rod might be a good choice for the single-ply membrane roofing that is mechanically fastened.  If mechanically fastened, the single ply roofing can be used on different slope types without any limitation. These are a good choice for areas prone to a hurricane.

A single-ply roof that is fully adhered to is another option that is worth considering. If you opt for this roofing option, you will need to attach the membrane using the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive. This could be solvent-based, asphalt, or water-based adhesive. You will have a smooth finished surface that can be used in combination with colored membranes to provide a beautiful surface using the same installation method.

Cost of A Single-ply Roof

The cost of roof installation and the material will vary widely depending on the conditions of the roof, the kind of attachment used and the membrane type to be installed. The single-ply roofing is usually priced for a square meter with the average installation price ranging from $3 to $4 for a square foot.

Pros and Cons of The Roofing


  • Good choice for acid rain conditions
  • Great performance for dramatic weather conditions
  • Will not be greatly affected by chemicals
  • Different grades available
  • Lightweight
  • Installation ease
  • Economically feasible


  • Thinner surface that is easily punctuated
  • Lifespan is a bit shorter
  • There may be seam problems
  • Can easily retain water

Single-ply roofing is best left to roofing contractors. For all your roofing Chino Hill needs, you can get in touch with Chino Hills Roofing Pros.

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